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Why choose cashmere sweater

People often confuse "cashmere" with "wool" and mistake it for fine wool. But there are essential differences between them.

Each sheep can produce several kilograms of wool a year, and only a few dozen grams of cashmere can be harvested from each goat. One sheep can make many sweaters, but at least five goats can make one sweater.

The diameter of cashmere sweater fibre is 14~16 microns, much thinner than wool, lighter and softer. It is very skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.

The moisture absorption of cashmere is stronger than that of wool, which is first reflected in the color, after dyeing cashmere does not fade, color is full; Secondly, it is embodied in the dressing experience. Cashmere is breathable and comfortable.

Cashmere is the strongest absorbency of all textile fibers, the moisture regain is more than 15%, if the cashmere soaked in water, a few seconds that all wet into a ball, and wool sweater needs more than half a minute to wet.

Cashmere is better at anti-wrinkles, a slight fold which can be smoothed out overnight.

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