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Why do people love cashmere

Cashmere is rarely inexpensive, but the soft touch lets everyone want own it. Cashmere really is the perfect solution for amping up both your look and your mood – slip it on and feel instantly polished and poised. As we enter the colder months, keeping warm while staying stylish can be one of our biggest wardrobe dilemmas. Not so, however, with a luxurious piece of cashmere.

There are so many benefits to wearing cashmere besides just the fabulous look and feel of the fabric. Cashmere keeps you warm on the coldest of days while still being a lightweight sweater. Cashmere folds nicely, and can also be stored in the closet with very little space needed. 

For delicate or sensitive skin, cashmere is wonderfully gentle. Unlike some coarser wool, it won’t aggravate skin or leave it blotchy, while its entirely natural fibres are expert temperature regulators. This makes it particularly ideal for cocooning the smallest members of the family in.

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