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Woolen, semi-worsted and worsted cashmere yarn

Cashmere yarn is made from raw cashmere material, according to the different craft and thickness; cashmere yarn can be divided into three different kinds: woolen cashmere yarn, semi-worsted yarn and worsted yarn. Woolen and worsted cashmere yarns are more common and semi-worsted is also popular. So what’s the difference among woolen, semi-worsted and worsted cashmere yarn?

Relatively woolen cashmere yarn is thicker than semi-worsted and worsted yarn and it has low count, generally from NM2/14 to NM2/32. Semi-worsted cashmere yarn is thinner than woolen and it has relatively high count, generally from NM2/24 to NM2/60. Worsted cashmere yarn is also thinner and stronger in twist than woolen yarn and its count is higher, generally from NM2/28 to NM2/120.

Semi-worsted and worsted cashmere yarns are mainly suitable for spring and summer knitting, like t-shirts, underwear, cardigans and else ultra-thin dresses, while woolen cashmere yarn is softer and more fluffy suitable for fall and winter use, like sweaters, poncho, scarves, gloves and so on.

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