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Yarn specifications and expressions

Yarn density can be expressed in many ways. Generally speaking, there are two types: fixed-length system and fixed-weight system. Commonly used indicators are Turks (number), metric yarn count, British yarn count, denier and so on.

Fixed-length system refers to the weight of a yarn of a certain length. The larger the value, the thicker the yarn. At present, tex, dtex, MTeX and D are commonly used.

Fixed weight refers to the length of a yarn of a certain weight. The larger the value, the finer the yarn. At present, the commonly used system is the metric system of expenditure (NE), the British system of expenditure (s) and so on.

Metric yarn count (nm): the calculation formula is n = L / g, a unit of yarn count, which is the number of meters of length per gram of yarn.
British count (S): A British indirect yarn count system. The formula is S=L/(G*840), which can represent a multiple of 840 yards per pound of yarn.

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