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You should know about cashmere before you buy

If you want to keep stylish and dislike heavy clothes on cold days, cashmere products would be a better choice. They are light, fine and can bring warmth, especially 100%cashmere sweaters and scarves.

Here are 8 things you should know before purchasing a cashmere product.

1. The home to the best cashmere in the world is the Inner Mongolia autonomous region in China.

2.Cashmere is lighter and warmer than wool; the former is from goat, the latter, sheep.

3. A basic sweater made of 100 percent cashmere will need cashmere from four to five goats.

4. Compared to solid and thick wool fiber, cashmere fiber is hollow and much more stretchable.

5. The younger the goat is, the better its cashmere will be.

6. As long as it is cashmere, it will ball up. Think again when some vendor boasts their cashmere coats have no ball-up.

7. Another name of cashmere is "soft gold". It needs your gentle protection. Wash it with neutral detergent or special detergent for cashmere.

8. The proper temperature of water to clean cashmere is 30-35 ℃.

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