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These are related to the cashmere fabric news, in which you can learn about the updated information in cashmere fabric, to help you better understand and expand cashmere fabric market. Because the market for cashmere fabric is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • How to iron cashmere and wool fabrics?


    Cashmere comes from goats and is finer and softer than sheep's wool. Cashmere jumpers, scarves and other garments often need special care. Don t twist or wring cashmere after washing it. Smooth it out on a flat surface and leave it to air dry. That could eliminate the need to iron. If it’s still wri Read More

  • What makes cashmere so special


    We love Cashmere! You can't replace the softness, warm and cuddliness of cashmere. The problem is when you experience the joy of wearing well made, good quality cashmere, you will have difficulty living with less desirable fabrics. So, what makes Cashmere so special? There are a few reasons: Cashmer Read More

  • How to wash and care cashmere


    Cashmere is a super soft, luxury material. Investing in a cashmere sweater, scarf, or other apparel can be expensive so it's very important to care for it well. One way to help your cashmere sweaters last longer is to pay attention to how you wash them. It’s possible to clean your cashmere at home. Read More

  • How to iron cashmere


    Soft, supple cashmere has a wrinkle-free reputation, but even this classic fabric can't hold up to extremes. If you wad your cashmere sweater in a travel bag or sloppily fold your favorite scarf and stick it under a pile of jeans, your duds will likely need ironing. In the following articles, we giv Read More

  • Is a cashmere sweater worth the money


    A good quality cashmere sweater really is a luxury garment that is worth the money.The reason why cashmere lasts more than other fabrics is partly because of the way it reacts to being washed and worn. A good quality cashmere will become better quality and softer when you wash it. Of course, you hav Read More

  • How to Identify Pure Cashmere


    You know that not all cashmere was created equal, now here’s the practical information on how to spot a phony posing as pure cashmere. There are a number of tests you can try on your cashmere.The Label InspectionJust because a sign says “cashmere” doesn’t mean it’s 100% or even 50% cashmere. For thi Read More

  • What is a cashmere shawl


    A cashmere shawl is a rectangular/triangular/square larger piece of fabric generally draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body. It is worn for decorative purposes (to accent an outfit or cover bare shoulders in formal attire), religious purposes, or to keep warm. Cashmere shawls mostly c Read More

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