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why Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolian goats have one of the warmest coats due to its extreme weathers. Temperatures through the seasons range between -30°C to 40°C, training these goats to grow the hardiest of wool. 

Our cashmere range is sourced from Inner Mongolia.

To survive the harsh climates, cashmere goats have two coats of hair: the coarse, thick coat of outer long hairs and the undercoat of fine downy fleece. Come boiling summers after the harshest winters, nomads comb the goats’ downy undercoat off to get them spun into the softest cashmere.

Instead of the the commercial harvesting method to sheer, our cashmere is removed by hand with bristly brushes that gently comb tufts of fleece from our little guys to ensure the best quality.

This winter, discover our brand new colors that you won’t know how you have lived without.

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