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  • Cashmere Yarn Spinning


    Cashmere yarn directly related to the product quality, hand feel and durability, our factory have very specific standard on cashmere yarn spinning. From raw cashmere to each process, we all have our own method and understandings. Read More
  • Printing Cashmere


    Printing is a process which transfer the specific pattern to fabric. Clients can put any patterns on a cashmere scarf. All we need is a artwork with a resolution of 200dpi, we can do the print. Read More
  • Knitting Cashmere


    Knitting is a process of fabric forming by the intermeshing the loops of yarns. When one loop is drawn through another, loops are formed in horizontal or vertical direction. The knitted garment is soft, has good wrinkle resistance... Read More
  • Weaving Cashmere


    Weaving, also known as "shuttle weaving", is the process of combining warp and weft components to make a woven structure. The development of weaving technology has a history of more than 5000 years... Read More

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