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Printing Cashmere

Printing is a process which transfer the specific pattern to fabric. Clients can put any patterns on a cashmere scarf. All we need is a artwork with a resolution of 200dpi, we can do the print.


In 1780, James Bell, a Scotsman, invented the first rolling printing machine, which made textile printing steps to the era of mechanization. In 1944, Buser company of Switzerland researched and manufactured an automatic flat screen printing machine to adapt to the production of small quantities and multiple varieties. It also laid a foundation for the appearance of the round screen printing machine of Stork company of the Netherlands, from which modern printing began.

There are two printing methods for cashmere items: Screen print and Digital print.

Screen Print

Screen print is also called traditional print. Its principle is to engrave the design drawing on the print screen, and the pattern area is punched with tiny holes, so that the dyestuff can be permeated on the fabric through that holes.

Before printing, we will analyze the design draft and separate different color schemes, each color needs to make a screen. For example, if a design draft is composed of five colors: red, blue, orange, green and yellow. Then we need to make five screens and print them five times respectively.

Now, let me introduce the working process of Screen Print.

Screen Print

Screen making

First of all, we need to analyze the design draft, the pattern with same color scheme will be engraved on one screen, until all the color schemes are done.

The base screen cloth which is bestrewn with tiny holes have been covered with photo-sensitive material, the pattern film is placed between screen cloth and lamp house. the exposed part will be fixed on the screen cloth, meanwhile, the parts which have patterns didn't exposed, in this way, the dyestuff can be permeated through these holes.


Finished screen (The transparent part can be permeated by dyestuffs)

Laying the fabric

We place the white cashmere fabric on operation platform. The position and spacing of each fabric are fixed to ensure accurate printing of the pattern. The bottom of the operation platform has controllable heating function to ensure that the pigment is fused with the fabric at a suitable temperature and improve the color fastness.

For small size fabric, we can print two pieces at a time.

Laying the Fabric


Pour the prepared dyestuff onto the screen and start printing.

There are fixed pins on the edge of the operating platform, which are used for positioning. There are also some holes on the edge of the frame. Every time we move the screen, the holes are aligned with the pins to ensure the printing position is correct.

The printing process needs two man to complete, but we need a huge workshop to finish the mass printing. Here is our screen printing workshop. 150 printing jobs can be done at the same time. The output is about 1000 pieces per day.

Screen Print(1)

Screen Print (2)

Digital Print

Digital printing is basically the same as that of ink jet printer, a big printer. 

Digital Printer

Digital Print on fabric quality: 50%cashmere, 50%silk (120S/2)

Adjust the design colors

The design shows different color shades on different display device and monitors, also, the tinctorial power is different between different fabric, engineers need to use professional software to adjust the original design draft.

The Colors

Laying the fabric

Lay the fabric on the printing board.

Laying the fabric


The printing process is very similar to a printer, a color printer. Print a 2 meter length scarf need about 7-10 minutes.

Digital Printing

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