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  • The process of cashmere sweaters


    There are so many steps that go into making your cashmere sweater. Let’s break it down:1. Cashmere is sourced from a specific type of cashmere goat, usually once a year in April when the goats molt. These goats live in Inner Mongolia. During the time when they molt, the goats are sheared. This proce Read More

  • 6 fun facts about cashmere


    Here are 6 fun facts about Cashmere that are sure to make your favorite sweater even more special to you: 1. It is extremely rare - Cashmere wool is a finite resource, meaning there is only a certain amount available in the world, and it is priced accordingly.2. It’s the GOAT, literally - Cashmere c Read More

  • Cashmere sweater wearing tips


    You can think of the season and what color cardigan is due to your skin color. The cold season, you should stick with the darker colors or pale. Black, navy blue, brown, dark green, in cold months, such sweaters will look good. If you are wearing a sweater and in a warm climate, you may have to deal Read More

  • How do you repair it if your cashmere sweater has broken holes


    How to knit cashmere sweater? If the hole is relatively large, the first way is wire pull line, then use the same color to knit sweater line: after repair can pull the warp removed, does not affect the compensation effect, because all coils have hooked together, not off-line.If it is easy to break a Read More

  • What is the serious problem of cashmere sweater shedding


    Generally, cashmere sweaters shedding because of improper cleaning. Cashmere fibers, like our hair, have slices of mud (like bamboo shoots), so they tend to curl and accumulate to a certain size because of friction or rubbing. If the detergent is alkaline with detergent powder or soap, the wool fibe Read More

  • Pure cashmere products should meet these characteristics


    High quality cashmere products can be judged from three aspects: eye view, hand touch and price. Eye View: High-quality cashmere sweater has soft appearance, plump suede, strong wool-type feeling, and a layer of fine velvet on its surface after shrinkage. The density of the transverse and longitudin Read More

  • Cashmere yarns--woolen, worsted and semi-worsted yarns


    Cashmere yarn can be divided into woolen, worsted and semi-worsted yarns according to the production process. Woolen yarn is thick and low in count, generally from 14 to 32. It is worth noting that the characteristics of high-quality cashmere are: anti-pilling, fine, warm. Known as the "King of Cash Read More

  • Why is there a big gap in cashmere prices in the market


    The price gap of cashmere yarn in the market is very large. Cashmere only refers to cashmere. Sheep only produce wool but not wool, and the wool yield is very high. In the material market, the price of sheep wool is 5-10 times lower than that of cashmere. Some people call sheep's fine wool "cashmere Read More

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