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Knitting Cashmere

1Knitting is a process of fabric forming by the intermeshing the loops of yarns. When one loop is drawn through another, loops are formed in horizontal or vertical direction. The knitted garment is soft, has good wrinkle resistance and air permeability, greater elongation and elasticity, and it is comfortable to wear.


In 1589, the British priest William Lee, invented the first hand knitting machine. 300 years later, with the invention of electric motor in 1870's, hand knitting machine was replaced by high-speed electric knitting machine.

In 1919, first STOLL automatic all needle narrowing knitting machine with chain control came out, since then, it has opened up one century of glory for STOLL. Our factory is adopt STOLL knitting system, its unique technical advantages help us to create perfect cashmere items.

Now, let me introduce our knitting workshop and show you the working process.

                 Stocking Frame (invented by William Lee)                             STOLL kniting machine


First of all, we knit the cashmere yarn into pieces according to the design drawings. In this process, the number of knits in each row is calculated.

Front piece, back piece, sleeve piece, etc. And it needs to be tested to get to the next step.

Linking Plate

This is a precise process, the number of knits of the two parts must be the same, also, the worker have to match each needle one piece with the another piece without any mistake, and finally sew the two pieces together. Front and back piece stitching, sleeve and body stitching, etc.

Light Inspection

At this stage, we need to check carefully to see if there are any defects.

Light Inspection


A huge washer and dryer

2nd Light Inspection

This time, we will focus on some details. Such as neckline, cuff and other parts. In any case, there is a breakage during previous processes. After that, we can go ironing process.


It's a process to fix the shape and size for the product according to the design sheet, also, we can remove any wrinkles.

Stiching Lable

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