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These articles are all highly relevant cashmere product. I believe this information can help you understand cashmere product's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Pure cashmere products should meet these characteristics


    High quality cashmere products can be judged from three aspects: eye view, hand touch and price. Eye View: High-quality cashmere sweater has soft appearance, plump suede, strong wool-type feeling, and a layer of fine velvet on its surface after shrinkage. The density of the transverse and longitudin Read More

  • Why is there a big gap in cashmere prices in the market


    The price gap of cashmere yarn in the market is very large. Cashmere only refers to cashmere. Sheep only produce wool but not wool, and the wool yield is very high. In the material market, the price of sheep wool is 5-10 times lower than that of cashmere. Some people call sheep's fine wool "cashmere Read More

  • Something you need know about the type of cashmere


    Something you need know about the type of cashmere: white, grey and brownAs we all know, cashmere raw material is divided into grey, brown and white. In the conventional wisdom, white cashmere is best cashmere. Since white cashmere is the best, why choose grey and brown? In fact, there is no doubt t Read More

  • What's the difference between worsted cashmere and woolen cashmere


    Cashmere sweater is now a common textile, according to the different production process, the production of textiles is also a big difference, now, to understand the worsted cashmere sweater and woolen cashmere sweater identification method. There are five main differences:1. Worsted and woolen cashm Read More

  • The ultimate anti-pilling guide to cashmere care


    No matter what you spend on a sweater, it seems to develop those unsightly little balls of fuzz. Today, let’s takes a look at why even expensive sweaters aren't immune to pilling and what prevents it. Why does cashmere pilling occur?Pilling occurs as a result of the fabric rubbing against itself or Read More

  • The perfect long haul flights --stylish and comfy


    You mightn’t think of cashmere as your first cloth for everyday wear, however as a nation of travellers, we get on a plane in one climate and off in another, hot to cold and cold to hot and some. We need soft, light and warm clothing that transits you around the globe, while making you feel special. Read More

  • Colors and Embroideries of our knitting cashmere products


    All our products are available in plain Solid and Shaded colors. Our value-added line includes Embroidered, beaded, pearl embroidered and beaded tassels as well as screen and digital print. All the embroideries are done by hand and are very intricate. Since we dye by hand and match to master color s Read More

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