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cashmere yarn

These are related to the cashmere yarn news, in which you can learn about the updated information in cashmere yarn, to help you better understand and expand cashmere yarn market. Because the market for cashmere yarn is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Cashmere vs. Viscose


    Both cashmere and viscose can be remarkably soft and are frequently used to make large shawls or wraps, as well as sweaters. Cashmere is significantly more expensive, more durable and warmer than viscose, so being able to tell the difference may help you.While both viscose and cashmere can produce a Read More

  • Woolen, semi-worsted and worsted cashmere yarn


    Cashmere yarn is made from raw cashmere material, according to the different craft and thickness; cashmere yarn can be divided into three different kinds: woolen cashmere yarn, semi-worsted yarn and worsted yarn. Woolen and worsted cashmere yarns are more common and semi-worsted is also popular. So Read More

  • What’s the purpose of the “afterfinish” of cashmere fabric


    When the cashmere fabric is in the piece dyeing, the cashmere fiber was damaged due to the high dyeing temperature, so that the texture of the finished dyed fabric was decreased in hand feeling, strength, gloss, freshness and destroyed its natural quality.In order to improve it, the “afterfinish” te Read More

  • The Knowledge of Textile Dyeing


    Textile dyeing can be done at any stage, for example, fiber, yarns, fabrics and garments can all be dyed at different stages.The bulk fiber dyeing: Put the bulk fiber into a large dye jar and dye the bulk fiber at the appropriate temperature, usually adopting the low temperature dyeing process. The Read More

  • Maximize Your Cashmere


    Layering your pieces is a simple way to add versatility to any outfit. Because of its breathability and ultrafine yarn, our lightweight cashmere wears can be comfortably worn under or over any staples in your wardrobe. This is also a great way to bring your look from day to night, even from fall thr Read More

  • Advantages of cashmere yarn knitting


    1. Excellent insulatorCashmere knitting yarn is eight times warmer than ordinary wool yarn.This fine fiber structure can prevents air from passing through the clothing, thus maintaining your body's heat.Unlike other types of yarn, cashmere can be used as a light cardigan or scarf even in warm summer Read More

  • Cashmere yarns--woolen, worsted and semi-worsted yarns


    Cashmere yarn can be divided into woolen, worsted and semi-worsted yarns according to the production process. Woolen yarn is thick and low in count, generally from 14 to 32. It is worth noting that the characteristics of high-quality cashmere are: anti-pilling, fine, warm. Known as the "King of Cash Read More

  • What are counts and what do yarn counts represent


    Yarn count refers to the thickness of the yarn, which can be expressed by S, D, Nm, Tex, Dtex, etc. S, D more commonly used. Because the system of units is different, it is usually divided into metric system and British system. S is the number of inches, or Ne, which is the number of yarns that weig Read More

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